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Comments on this Newsletter

Send me a comment and it will be posted right here. Unless you tell me not to. I left this first one from last year. It’s honest and down-to-earth, just like John is...Bill

Bill, I love reading about your last year. I know I see you once or twice during the year. But I sure like you giving me the chance to take a trip outside my very small box called life. I travel through and with you. I meet new friends without having any involvement. I get to travel, eat great food and drink from the cup of refreshing life lived out loud. So thanks for sharing. Now quit writing and go do something cool... John H., The Springs from 2017

Bill: Great newsletter as usual !!! So much fun to share your adventures.  I went back and re-read previous years’ posts - they got better and better each year !!...Karen A., Austin

Bill, It was nice to have lunch with you recently. And I will be looking forward to hear about your trips for this year. As for answering your query on Propriety. A. I think it is important to follow customs and manners of a polite society. (I wish all did) B. Fear of offending against conventional rules of behavior especially between the sexes. (this is a current hot topic that should have been addressed decades ago) C. Conformity to established standards of good and proper behavior. (I fear those who don't) And I fear no man. I fear the devil inside them. Enough of that. All evil needs to win is for good people to do nothing. Thanks for being good...John H., The Springs, 2018

Hi Bill. Thanks for keeping me  in the loop. Looks like you are still enjoying retirement---good for  you. I have no suggestions to replace the motorcycle but wish you well  on the mildly dangerous search. Wishing you all the best...Randy D., Houston

Hello Bill, Glad to see you're still doing your news letter. Always very interesting and entertaining. If you're ever down in the Houston area again, give me a shout and we'll get together for lunch. Hope you have a healthy and happy 2018. Thanks for keeping me on your newsletter e-mail list...Bruce H., Houston

Heck of a newsletter, Bill... as always. In spite of your reserved  characterization of the year as "travel limited.... and busy at home",  you put together an impressive itinerary of locations to find family and friends once again. A very impressive list of events - and, as always, an entertaining description of all the fun.
One  thing that amazes me is how you manage to focus on all the other people, and what is special to them - while not leaving out how it relates to you. THAT I think is just part of what makes your letters so  interesting and entertaining to all of us.
We note with great regret  and disappointment that WE were not mentioned in this year's version, as we have been in the past. We plan to correct that this year by showing up on your doorstep once again, begging for temporary room and board as we pass through on our way to Alaska in June.
Congratulations on the new club membership.... as we see you following more in our  footsteps. The news on the motorcycle is not unexpected, and we are  likely not far from going through the same separation exercise. And the new hobby of model building perfectly fits your architectural talent. Congratulations on expanding your world with the very best things.
On "best things", Larisa did notice that there was one topic completely  missing from your note - the girlfriends. There was a giant void of  information, except for oblique mentions like - the newsletter  outlasting all "relationships" - and the query "does a girlfriend  qualify for something exciting and mildly dangerous - (based on  relatively recent history, we think you know the answer to that!) So,  in future editions we suggest you include a permanent topic section on  girlfriends, or relationships, or sex, or whatever.... it may be short,  but it could be the most fun section to read.
Thanks for sending, and we hope these comments do not get us removed from the distribution list...Gere G., S.Carolina.

Sure, Gere, because your request was one of many, a new section entitled “S_x after 70” will be included. There may well be a significant upgrade fee to fund my ongoing and tremendously expensive research into the mysterious female operating system. I have feelers out for a new lab assistant. If you catch my drift. Thank you for the encouragement...Bill

Wow Bill, You should go into the newsletter consulting business. Kay and I really enjoy reading your interesting newsletters.
Also congratulations on your new book. I know how difficult it is to make  time to write a book. I'm now up to 10 safe deposit publications and I  know how gratifying it is to get the positive reviews like the ones  you've received. If you ever make it back to Houston please call and we will have dinner...Dave M., Houston

Bill, As always, I enjoyed the newsletter. Observations:
Thoroughly enjoyed speech on making bed;
Finishing and publishing your book (which I have read and possess an autographed copy of) is quite an accomplishment;
Building Metal Earth models is probably not something I'm going to dive right into!
Hope all of you are well, Louisiana life is good so far (except for weather  which we knew would not compare favorably with Tucson in the winter)....Dale M., LA

William, this is a great newsletter, as usual. It sounds as though you had a great year, though the travel and adventures are getting tamer (no flying off to the Bahamas with one-legged pirates and hot women named Betsy). So, in that regard, I offer the following: as to a mildly dangerous and therefore exciting hobby to fill the motorcycle void, I suggest not a girlfriend, but TWO (2) girlfriends. Done right, or even wrong, that could really increase both the excitement and danger potential to be reported on at end of 2018, if you were to make it that far. And/or, perhaps a small homebuilt airplane like the Aventura amphibian which lands on water on the hull and has wheels to manually crank down for land landings. It is an A/C in which severe hearing loss is a blessing and additionally a certain fate. You could land it on snow pretending it to be water! It is an A/C that flying is exactly like riding an under powered dirt bike! Those are my most important ideas to spice up your life for a bit more exciting newsletter next year...Robert T., Jacksonville, FL

WPZ: Your German Gazette (Paxton Post?) is very fine, as always. Most amazing of all, it is ALWAYS entertaining! You might, if only for a moment, consider adding a section, entitled  really cool friends that I didn’t get to see since my last Newsletter, featuring folks like your OTHER Rice classmates (for instance, Moi).
I love you man, because you are one unique individual, with a twisted  sense of what’s funny. Please keep me on your mailing list (for at  least one more issue). Before I forget it.....are you set up for Gift Subscriptions yet?...Lee P., Huntsville, AL

Excellent, Bill. Made me tired just reading it. Seems like you crammed a lot into your life until I realized that was done over 365 days. Keep it  coming...Tom T., Edgewood, TX

Howdy, Enjoyed your newsletter, as always, and CONGRATULATIONS on your book! How’s the follow-up coming? You know, the “Old Age Survival Guide” Hope you make it out this year...Larry M., Quincy, CA

The newsletter is great. You are a lucky guy to have such a life. Next  time you come to Plano you must make the 1&1/2 hour drive to my  place in northeast Texas. It is a beautiful day here today. Great to hear from you thru the newsletter. Take care...Tom S. Alba, TX

As usual, a VERY entertaining newsletter, Bill!!! So glad to know that you are doing well and rocking life!...and of course, you are handsome as ever!...Dawn W., The Springs

Bill, I respect your ability to identify projects/activities that you  will enjoy and then jumping in and hanging on. Also the twists of humor embedded in the storytelling. Loved your Holiday card. I haven't received a handmade card in years (not counting  photographs) and never one that made me laugh (not counting those from  grandchildren). The book was a huge accomplishment and so well done. I'm glad you were pleased with yourself for that effort, as you should be...Marcia M., Morro Bay, CA

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