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Comments on this Newsletter

I always enjoy your travel logs and 2016 was a good year for you. Thanks for the updates.  Don't hesitate to let us know if you are coming this way.  But Hurry..we are off to CA to spend some time looking around the central coast.........Marcia  M.,  VA.

Bill, I love reading about your last year. I know I see you once or twice during the year. But I sure like you giving me the chance to take a trip outside my very small box called life. I travel through and with you. I meet new friends without having any involvement. I get to travel, eat great food and drink from the cup of refreshing life lived out loud. So thanks for sharing. Now quit writing and go do something cool... John H., The Springs

Hey, 'Loved the newsletter! How scary landing on such a short, narrow runway--yikes! Take care.
...Karen B., The Springs

I love getting your newsletter. Makes me want to retire! We were in Vail last summer for a wedding. Love Colorado. We need to get to Colorado  Springs, never been there. Stop in Waco next time you are traveling  through this part of the country. Tell me more about your book. Hope to see you soon.... Dan D., Waco, TX

I am only today able to get an internet connection to view your very entertaining newsletter! Any plans to come out our way this summer? We would love to see you again.. Peace and love from your old Hippie€¯ buddy!... Larry M, Quincy, CA

Great newsletter ! You're my inspiration for Sr. Citizen communiques......Good for you
...Dan B., Austin

Good job, Bill..... and thanks for keeping us on the list.  A book?  Wow!! I can't wait to see what THAT might be.  I'm a customer, for  sure. Great pics of the trips and visits to your  place.  I particularly like the idea of you being involved with  grandkids - even if they are not directly yours.
...Gere G., Landrum, SC

YOU the MAN!!! Bill  G.!!! awesome account, looks like LOTS of  FUN. I need to get out there  and see you in your new environment (while we all still have one---.)...Robert F., Jacksonville, FL

Great newsletter!! I really enjoy keeping up!
...Geri T., FL

Thanks Bill for including us on your mailing list.  Time marches on. You look  fit and fine. Keep us on your list.... Ken M., San Diego



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