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Comments on this Newsletter

You’re my hero. I want to be you when I grow up – if I ever grow up!

Jim S. - Houston

At 64, sitting at my desk looking and reading you email, I’m thinking, “Why didn’t I call it quits 30 months ago?”  I might just surprise you one of these days and say I’m heading your way and let’s go climb a mountain. Keep sending me these newsletters as they are keeping me movivated . Congratulations Bill, you planned well.

Mack N. - Houston

What a great tease. You make it almost impossible for someone NOT to click the link.

Gretchen B. - Dallas

I really enjoyed your newsletter and smiled the entire time reading it!  You look like you are having such a great time and are doing so many exciting things!!! I'm jealous! haha ;)

Tracy S. - Houston

Thanks Bill. Looks like you are staying very active. I particularly liked your O.W. Holmes quote on page 3.

Ken M. - San Diego

That should make your Texas friends jealous.

Martha L. - Colorado

I must say your latest newsletter (and stuff from past) is quite fun and interesting.

Mayzie B. - Houston

Bill, I'm so glad to hear from you… Looks like retirement keeps you very busy! I think you might win a Pulitzer for the newsletter… I can hear your voice in the descriptions… Please keep my subscription intact… I want to stay in touch…

Ramona J. - Austin

It is so nice to get the news from you, although I am very jealous of retired life!  It sounds like a lot of fun.  Thanks for keeping me in the loop!

Ericka M. - San Diego

Sounds like you are having a grand time!
So much for you to explore in your neck of the country......You have turned into an expert photographer!!!! Glad you are happy and keeping busy.

Leslie S. - Houston


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