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Comments on this Newsletter

Your write up of your Utah trip was great.  And I loved the motorcycle and all.  And the fade out.  You are good!  Seems like a nice group you travel with.  Maybe I can meet up sometime with y'all.  I did find your newsletter informative for my future trips...for instance..I missed some of what your group saw in New Mexico.
... Judy P., Austin, TX

This is great news. Thought you were dead or something worse!!
...Jack Spratte, Eau de Claire, Wisconsin

Thanks for the update.  I am envious of your travels.  Seems the visit with Garrett and Lucinda was especially pleasant.   Ah, salmon.
...Marcia M. -  Washington, D.C.

Thnx very much for your newsletter, great work!Good to know you are doing well and enjoying the good life. I'll try to follow suit soon.
...Bartholomew G. - Miami, Fl.

Enjoyed your news letter, as always. I keep thinking about doing one myself but never can seem to find the time to do it. To many other things get in the way.
Dave H. - Colorado Springs

more coming soon - email me!....


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