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Comments on this Newsletter

Hi Bill. I may be the first to see your latest newsletter. I am just so sorry to hear about your health problems last year and hope they are behind you until you get really old.
Keep in mind that I was given two years to live 18 months ago so wish me luck! And keep on having fun for me.

Barbara R. - Cincinnati

That was so cool :)  Gayl C. - Houston

Hey Bill,  I really do like this, especially all the history/info from your flying days. Good stuff! You got to come up to Boulder for a visit this year; maybe do some skiing  at the local Eldora. I miss skiing with the fiercest skier of them all! Take care, and keep the news coming....
P.S. Someday, I hope to have the time to develop a similar news letter when I have a bit more time.

Dave N. - Boulder

Bill-You are so adorable! .....keep writing those great newsletters and have fun!

Leslie S. - Houston

Great newsletter, Bill..... once again. And a super cool website. You  are GOOD.... and I can only wish to be as effective at communicating  with friends - and letting them know what is going on.

Gere G. - South Carolina

...looking good on the slopes. I am envious. Have a great year.

Jack T. - Houston

Hey  Bill, Enjoyed  the Newsletter and it's always good to hear from you. I'm really glad everything is going well in your retirement life. We miss our Lake  house, but I don't miss all the annual expenses!

Dave M. - Houston

OK!  Life is back to being stable and in the proper order. I was suffering withdrawal from not having heard from you for a while, but now the planets are back in their orbits and I can get back to whatever passes for normalcy in my life. Take care of yourself. As you are learning, our old bodies don't mend as quickly as they used to. We need to treat them a bit more gently than we are generally accustomed to.

Jim N. - Pearland, TX

Bill,  Thanks for the newsletter; it is always good to catch up on your  travels and life (you really don't tell much). It would be great if you would label the people in the pics; are they your  family, or just some folks you wanted to take a pic of?

Al G. - Austin

(Al: Labels will be included next year. Photo is of my  family - the best folks anyone could ever be related to.)

Ok, Bill.... it is about time for your newsletter! You know I am your  biggest fan. You should be published by now. I have always told you that !!

Karen A. - Austin

Whenever I see your newsletter email, it makes me happy and sad. You get to do all the things that I wished I could have done, but now it’s too late for me. So get out there, you stud and chase your dreams!
P.S. who are those women in the bottom pitcher, can not be related to you!

Marvin J A Y. - Fredericksburg, TX

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