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Comments on this Newsletter

I really miss your creative problem solving and design capability, but you trained your staff well. 
Your firm was, and still is the Best Little Bank Architect in Texas.
Keep sending those updates, and enjoy the time away from the office. After 32 years you need a break!  
Take care.
David R. (VP Sterling Bank, Houston)

Bill – Thanks for the update. Now I am truly jealous but you earned every bit of what you are reaping now. We may be in Colorado in September but I am not sure where. Would love to drive by and say hello.

Capitol is still cooking along. The Fort Bend bank is kicking ass as well as the one in Las Colinas. I am working on four more now; two in Houston and one each in Dallas, and San Antonio. We do have 4 banks in Colorado, Fort Collins, Larimer (Fort Collins), Loveland, and Westminster.

Keep the updates coming and have a great summer.

Clinton D. (Pres Capitol Bancorp).

Bill, it was fun reading your newsletter. Sounds like you are mastering retirement!
Your old firm did good on opening Brownsville and Laredo.
I’m a big wine drinker.  Going forward I’ll use your “ turning wine into urine”   phase frequently.

Pray for us workers!

Carlos I. G., (CEO INB, Laredo

Hi Bill,
This is very unusual for me to have some time to respond  back to my clients, friends, however this is the only time of the day for now till the outside field work starts up again.  I'm using this time to catch up on my paper work, filing .  I have met Cesar in Laredo we picked him up at the airport and I drove him back to airport.  Free taxi and chauffer.! He got first class from INB Bank. How about that! ha.  He is very bright and confident in his work.  It was a pleasure to meet him and finally put a face to a voice.  

Yes, I'm happily married and found my best friend which I tell everyone you have to be best friends with  your partner, husband and have
communication also.  Like I tell my friends who are looking for someone you will meet that special person at the right time and when you least expect it.
Gotta go now.! Take Care . God bless.! (You used to pretty hot yourself, I can tell!)
Send some cool air down here! HA.
Veronica L. (VP, INB, Laredo)

Dear Bill,
I want to thank you for sending me your newsletter. It was a welcome diversion. Please keep me on your mailing list. I would enjoy hearing from you again.
In closing, let me just say now that I miss working with you and Dale. The difference between you and other architects that I have dealt with over the years is that you guys are not arrogant. You are genuinely friendly, and it was pleasure to work everyone in your office. I never had a bad experience working with McCleary/German Architects.

Enjoy your retirement, and be good to yourself.
Best regards,
Frank J. K (Director of Design NEC)

P.S. My comment about needing fb friends no longer applies.

P.P.S. My Ford has been replaced. Uh-oh.

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