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Comments on this Newsletter:

I am retiring on March 31st. Please keep the newsletter is what made me want to retire.....

Zoe K (Houston)

Wow, does anyone have a life like Bill German?! Very well deserved…and thank you for keeping me amongst your friends. Here’s a peek at my dates for Shrek my two very, very best friends who adore me. …a kiss to you…

Valerie S (Houston)

Unbelievable, just thinking about you the other day! Now that I am working with architects/designers, I see what a quality company you had! Your newsletters are always entertaining and your girlfriend (the one on the bike) is really something!!!!

Hey-thanks for keeping in touch with your newsletter, always fun to see what you are up to!

Leslie S, (Houston)

Keep me on the distribution list. It's entertaining to see what eccentric retired folks do and I have to admit you had me cracking up with your dry/demented sense of humor. Bank is doing well as we hit $1 billion in assets recently, but I have to admit it's getting harder to make it all work and all the new regulations are making this business not as much fun as it used to be. Anyway, I'm glad to hear you are ALIVE and well and it looks like to me having a lot of fun in your retirement years. I'm impressed you're still able to ski as the last few times I've been I always swear it will be my last, and I have been an avid skier my entire life. Anyway, good to hear from you. If you ever get through Lubbock and need someone to buy you a warm meal since you're on "fixed income", look me up, I'd love to hear first hand stories of your travels.

Mark B (Lubbock)

A great newsletter with lots of easy to use links. I particularly liked your one section: Women Have Always Scared Me. Some of the stories would seem to need "fleshing out" !!

Ken M (San Diego)

Glad you’re alive and kicking!!! I enjoyed your newsletter as usual. I particularly liked transformer man and the Sturgis photos and video!!!  Retirement life is still 10-12 years away for me, but after seeing how much you and Dale are enjoying the fruits of your labor, I am already looking forward to hanging em up as soon as possible.

Steve C (Houston)

Great to hear from you as usual. Sounds like your adjustment to retired life is going extremely well. I am still in the rat race, fighting fires in Georgia, North Carolina and other places but having a ball. The late 80's in Texas was a great training ground for what we are dealing with now.

 Please stay in touch and if your travels bring you back to Dallas or Houston, I would love to spend a minute with you.

Clinton D (Dallas)

Keep'm coming Bill. . . even if I'm the only one reading them. Your news letters are great. Glad to see you're staying soooooo active and still going strong.

We just returned recently from a cruise out of Boston that took us up into Canada for seven days. Unfortunately, I don't think Kay would be real excited about going on one of your neat vacations on that cool motorcycle. Take care and keep us posted on your life of retirement.

Dave M (Houston)

Okay, I'll bite. I like it.  So, now you have to do another one next year.

My first one was last year, but I thought it was a weekly.  I signed on every week, and no report. I almost gave up.

Bill T (Providence)

Thanks for sharing your life once again. You have a really great wit about your newsletters that always makes me giggle! Seems like you are having a lot of fun, and that is great. I hope I have as much fun when I retire! I see you're going to Costa Rica-- I was there about 8 years ago, and it was beautiful. I hear it's grown quite a bit since then. We stayed at the southernmost tip of the Nicoya Peninsula and also drove around north of there, then east to visit the volcano. It was a great trip. You will enjoy the natural beauty of the country Anyway, I just wanted to say hello, and let you know that I think about you often.

Ericka M (San Diego)

Loved the newsletter - I can see why it is so popular. I am especially eager to see the "Never do this" stories.... just a review of the titles reminded me of similar stories I could have written. I went over the handlebars on a bicycle once in grade school- riding blind for excitement.... and I could write some great "never do that" USAF events
Take care... and keep the rubber side down.

Gere G (Arkansas)

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