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Comments on this Newsletter

Please keep me on your list to receive this newsletter, as you call it. My life is not quite as exciting as yours seems to be, and reading this makes me a little dizzy sometimes. Wish you the best, but please be careful!!! Come see us when you get out our way.
... Terry A.,  Atlanta

On yes, I enjoyed your newsletter!
 Appreciate your help.
...  Charlotte M, Colorado

I finally got to look at your newsletter .... Looks like you have had some good times. Sorry about the GF though. Any plans to come our way this year? Always welcome!!!
... Larry and Kathryn M., California

Good Job on this. Fun to see and hear about your travels. Glad to have our brief visit in Austin. Look forward to a longer catch-up in future. It's good to see you continuing to adventure. Healthy in many ways...
Dan B., Austin

Very impressed with your activity, didn’t know you served in the Navy, did you go to OCS in Newport which I attended in Nov 68 and served 3 years on the Larson DD-830? Healdsburg, very picturesque-would be a great place to have a second home. Keep up the good work.
Bob I., Houston

Glad to hear you’re doing well.  If I ever retire, I hope I get to do half the things that you have done over the years. Keep me on the “list” for the future updates as to what’s going on in your life.
Bruce H., Houston

Good to hear from you and Yes, we really enjoy reading your newsletters. I think we've missed a couple of the past few years. Take care of those old knees. I just had my right shoulder totally replaced in late 2015. Kay says it was caused by putting my seminar bag in the airplane overheads for 45 years. I think she was right.
Dave M., Houston

more coming soon - email me!....


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