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Comments on this Newsletter

Thank you Bill. By the way great web site. I have spent the last hour enjoying it and must make a comment ....did you really have to include a photo of me  chowing down in Midland?
I sent the web site to Coley C., Steve N., Bill T.,  Albert P., Rick K. and about 20 others.
Man, you had a great idea of retiring.

Hagen M. - Austin

How am I going to get a newsletter from you after you've killed yourself on one of your adventures?
Glad you're doing better.  And I do enjoy these.

Bill M. - Houston

Hey Bill,
Again you did a great job. You need to go into the News Letter business . . . .in your spare time??? Thanks for sharing your exciting life. Keep your great news letters coming. I get so jealous reading about your exciting adventures.

Dave M - Houston

Bill, Even though you're a (insert insult), I must be fair and commend you on your newsletter. You really do a good job on this and I showed it to my IT consultant to ask him how I could do something similar.
He suggested we just change the heading on yours and use it as is ... because you're obviously having more fun, more adventures and more women! This will save me lots of time and, just like (successful people like you), I can adapt whatever persona that best fits my current needs, regardless of the facts.

Dan B. - Austin

You are good, Dude.... definitely the master of newsletters, and the wizard of website creation and operation.  I admire your ability in those areas - and especially enjoy your writing.  I love your sense of humor - it makes me laugh out loud.  We would love to get together with you sometime later this year - somewhere!

Gerald G. - South Carolina

I don’t know if I’m more impressed with your travels or with the unbelievable Newsletter you put together.  Outstanding job compiling all of your adventures into a very impressive newsletter.  I always enjoy seeing it and hope to look you up the next time I’m in Colorado Springs.  Thanks for sharing this with me.

Steve C. Houston

Thanks for the newsletter. Always good hearing from you. Man, you stay busy. Glad you’re enjoying life.Keep those newsletters  coming.

Randall D. - Houston

Great selections of photos in your newsletter -  you’re good at that!!

Christine H. - Colorado

Yes, keep us on your list….we love your updates !!!

Karen A. - Austin

You should be on the road, all right - on the comedy tour!  Too funny, and enormously enjoyable to read once again.  I understand what happened to your shoulder...what happened to your shirt?  (Be still my heart.)  You're looking good, sounding the same and better. Life is good, isn't it? smooches

Brenda A.


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