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Why it’s Good to be an American in 2012

2012 August 22
by bgerman

“Man only likes to count his troubles; he doesn’t calculate his happiness” … Fyodor Dostoyevsky

You can skip the BS and scroll down to the highlighted text to see if you like the general theme.


I have a friend, whom I grew up with in Midland Texas who is against everything Obama. Yes, It’s an election year and everyone seems to think it’s so important who our next president will be. As the actual voting date approaches, we will all be whipped into a frenzy. Lots of 24 hour media, telling us who said what and how to interpret things, no wonder we’re excited. Yes, it is important. But, it didn’t used to be as. Before media. My political education started in a ‘Youth for Nixon’ group in Midland, and what a waste of my fragile adolescence.

I have another friend somewhat younger who was recently divorced, and is always whining to me about his situation in life. Not enough money (his ex gets 50% of his net earnings for another 5 years), hates his job (manager is too young), his lack of girlfriends (prolly b/c of his low self-esteem). After months of hearing those same complaints creatively presented in new contexts, finally I had had enough.

But, what to tell him? Why should he STOP complaining and START thanking his lucky stars? This is my brilliant list (narrowed down to 6 facts that make him among the blessed):

Mom Me and Sis


  1. Born in the U.S.
  2. White, Male and  Anglo
  3. College education
  4. Paying job
  5. House, car, credit cards, freedom
  6. Healthy (very)

Lookit that list and tell me this man is so UNfortunate. Some of this he earned himself, but mostly his situation in life is directly tied to his fortune in being from a (white) American family who could get him to college. And, he has a job! Most people in the non-US world are lucky if they have ONE of those six things.

So to me, the President is the person we elect, which means (kind-of) 51% of us agree. Having spent a few years in the military (most years Nixon was Pres), it was made clear to me that the chain of command is what we in the US are beholden to. Whether we agree or disagree with policies and philosophy does not affect our loyalty.

Which, I have come to believe, is a very good thing*. We do have checks and balances among the three branches of our government, and despite those who predict doom, for 300+ years this has worked out for us.

Are we headed for a welfare state? Maybe. Should you be planning to take your assets and move to another country? Fine, it’s your decision. But, what country?


  • Personally, I am happiest when there is a political split between the Pres and Congressional branches. Nothing significant seems to get done (except for wars) so everything cruises along nicely. In 2012, I am pulling for a lame duck D in the White House and an R majority in the Congress (both houses). Vetoes a plenty.
  • I am proud that our country has become un-bigoted enough to elect a black man as Pres. Now, it’s about time for a woman.
  • In the ‘60’s I was a dyed-in-the-wool conservative. Grew up that way, came from West Texas Nixon country and did not change until I met my (ex)wife. She reminded me recently that I had a George Wallace bumper sticker on my car when we got married. Well then during our seven year marriage and for the next 20+ years she just was kind and generous to every single person and we never once spoke about politics except in passing but I kept watching and noticing and then after we got divorced I said, I want to be more like her and less like my stupidly rigid parents.
  • If Romney is our next Pres, I will support him.  Betcha he has a hard time being cruel to the have-nots. And if he does win then hopefully, he will have a Congress run by Democrats. More vetoes. And please Mr Rominey, mention our Veterans in your inaugural speech.



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  1. Lunge M. Helixes permalink
    September 28, 2012

    Please, you are the MAN! Who cares what party we are, it’s the person we want to have the job, bro.

  2. Tudball P. Wiggins permalink
    September 28, 2012

    Without doubt, Rominey is going to loose. Becaus he is too much of a kept money man, 250 billion dollars and more going to China, the Bahamas and Switzerland along with the jobs. We need a leader who knows what the poorest of us needs, which is rent checks and fried chickin’.

  3. Concede H. Once permalink
    September 28, 2012

    I used to be a hater myself, thinking I was just better than all the welfare cheaters and handout pros. Then I lost my good job, then another one. Yes, I have used food stamps. Now I’m back to work and for the first time realize what good the government can do. So, now I can’t wait to vote! Thanks for your insite, it’s brilliant in every way.

  4. Dorothea K. Swift permalink
    August 25, 2012

    This is just what I was telling my dad last week – he needs to settle down and accept the fact that he can’t tell everyone how to vote. If Obama wins, its the will of the peeps.

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