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Hi Friends
My book is almost ready for publishing. It will be available as a print edition and an ebook. Hope you will make a note to find it on Amazon and give it a read. Finding my name as author should be easy.
.....Let me know how much you like it.     Bill

Summary of Book. Whom is it for?

This book is for those architects who want to succeed in a difficult profession. It is organized to parallel the progression of a mainstream career, from the first job interview just out of college all the way to senior management and/or ownership. Most of the advice is based on my 40+ years of experience moving up in my architecture firm, based in Houston.

Virtually everything that helped my career came from either a notable success, or as you might expect, from the many failures along the way. Some of my opinions are somewhat outside the mainstream, so I would invite you to take away what is most helpful for you. The key is to recognize your own strong points and build upon them. Perhaps you will find something herein to add a few skills to your repertoire.

I have tried to include the necessary information to direct your plan and realize your goals—to help you select the critical areas to invest your time and resources. Much of my advice applies to most all career professionals. Consider this as an operations manual. It is definitely NOT a “how to win design awards” book.

Even the most successful architect can’t or won’t be the best at everything recommended. Some of the most successful architects are brilliant leaders and have partners and a supporting cast of design and document specialists. This is for certain: if you want to move up in your firm—and help your firm succeed—you should be advised to make some time to be at least conversant with every single topic in this book.

Architecture as a profession certainly gave me most everything a person could want. In a way, this book traces the story of my career.

  Available May 2017.
.....I hope. It’s my first attempt.

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